Home Design Trends Make Their Way to the World of Windows and Doors

As we charge ahead on 2018, forecasters and trend watchers are putting out their ideas as to what the big trends of the year are shaping up to be. Trends are reflected not in just design style elements like color and material, but also in technological advancements seen across the home building industry. Our manufacturers are consistently adding new products, options and details so that homeowners can stay on trend and protected.

One major trend over the past few years all across the home building and renovating industries has been the advancement of the ‘Smart Home’. As our lives become more interconnected, so are our homes. From digital assistants from top online brands to smart A/C units, water leak monitors and even front door locks, wi-fi enabled gadgets are making your home easier to manage from anywhere in your home, or even out in the world. Windows and Doors are not excluded from this exciting time in innovation. Window & Door Design Center partners with Summit Automation to provide units that can control your openings remotely and simply. With the touch of a keypad, you can open and close your larger doors, and you can even lock them from that same keypad. Some models even feature an automatic motion detecting sensor that will open your doors when you stand in front of the doors. This feature can be disabled via the lock function for those times you would like the door to stay closed, but can be extremely convenient for hands-free operation.

Another example is Marvin Windows and Doors’ Lock Status Sensor. As a fully integrated unit, this sensor can be used in wired or wireless configurations to allow detection of any opening not being securely locked. This peace of mind can allow homeowners to be certain that their home and family is secure.

As more and more home owners seek ways to make their homes energy efficient, both to save money and the environment, window and door companies have recognized their roll in that equation. When thinking about the energy use in a home, especially a South Florida home, the home’s central A/C comes to mind as the biggest user of precious kilowatt hours. From UV ray blocking coatings like LowE to frame materials specifically designed to prevent heat transfer, advancements in the construction of windows and doors are looking to the future to help bring the bills down and the eco-efficiency up.

A trend that seemed to start in the fashion world has taken its contemporary look to the homes of those looking for a sleek option that adds a sophistication to any room. Whether it’s kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, or even textiles matte black, which some are calling designer black, has found its way into every corner of the home. Since windows and doors can become focal points of any given wall space, or even room, in order to stay on trend some of our manufacturers have introduced designer and matte black options for their products both for interior and exterior finishes.

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