Impact-Resistant Windows: Protection against Unwelcome Surprise

Originally impact-resistant windows and doors were developed for protection from tropical storms that South Florida is so vulnerable to but are now building a reputation as highly effective barriers against intruders.

Judy Ryerson, who’s from a small, quiet New England town that she says resembles, “a Norman Rockwell painting,” is glad to have impact-resistant windows and doors installed in her home.

In Judy’s hometown, windows are doors are routinely left open because there’s little concern for personal safety or home security. Daily newscasts of home invasions and robberies in her own and neighboring South Florida communities, however, have proved, “quite a culture shock for a New Englander,” Judy explains, and the main reason she chose to install impact-resistant hurricane windows and doors in her home.

  • Impact-resistant window systems are made of heavily reinforced frames, two panes of glass that are bonded together with a layer of strong, flexible polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and glazed to sustain the stability of the glass in its frame.
  • Engineered to resist impacts of the force of a sledgehammer, impact-resistant glass may shatter but will remain in one piece because of the tough interlayer of PVB and continue to challenge further impacts and break-in attempts.

Watch video from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office of the protection impact-resistant glass windows and doors offer as thieves try to kick in and shoot through a sliding glass door. The impact-resistant sliding glass door remains a forceful barrier against the would-be home invaders after at least nine gunshots.


  • Heavily constructed frames and glass of impact-resistant windows cannot be pried open or punctured by crowbars or laymen’s tools and resist attempts at forced entry so strongly that fire fighters require special training using chainsaws and power saws to get past impact-resistant glass windows.
  • Impact-resistant window systems are so impenetrable that CGI, one of the first impact-resistant window and door manufacturers, guarantees reimbursement to the original homeowner for property loss resulting from entry through a locked pane of glass that has been smashed or broken by a burglar, for a period of ten years.

Impact-resistant window systems provide an unbeatable solution to, and investment in, the protection of your home, family and peace of mind.

As Judy affirms, “I now feel completely safe at home as well as when I’m away. I know that I made a sound investment in both my welfare and the integrity of my home.”