Installation 101

Bravo! You’ve made the shrewdest decision possible of ensuring the safety of your family, heirlooms and value of your home by choosing to protect its weakest points with impact windows and doors. It was an exhilarating project, wasn’t it; selecting from countless options of functions, styles and looks to precisely fit such a one-of-a-kind environment? Are you considering now whether to take a vacation in preparation for the installation of your home investment? Think again; it’s plain sailing from here!

The Window and Door Replacement Company (WDRC) has planned for the seamless installation of your replacement impact windows and doors. A Project Manager, exclusive to your home improvement project, will direct every detail of the installation process, from handling of materials to final finishing touches. Rest assured that WDRC’s team of highly skilled craftsmen and service professionals will exceed your expectations.

On the appointment day of your installation, expect prompt arrival of your materials and crew. All of the items involved in your installation will be set up and arranged outside your home for a methodical, efficient installation. No preparations by you are necessary inside your living space. Any property that is inside the workspace will be fully protected by a dust containment system constructed by experts outfitted with footwear designed to protect your flooring. Upon the completion of your installation, any remnant of the work performed will be removed, providing you the san souci enjoyment of spotless, turnkey impact window and door protection.

In addition to the utmost attention paid to maintaining the immaculate environment of your home during the installation process, two noteworthy instances set WDRC apart from other companies. First of all, you can expect that all materials brought to your home will be installed the same day with no overnight or continued disruption to your routine. Secondly, and just as importantly, is that any repair or restoration work that may be found during the installation process can be fixed at once by in-house craftsmen. For example, as is so common in older homes and the southeastern Unites States in general, if water or insect damage is found upon the installation of your new impact windows and doors, WDRC’s troubleshooting team will assess and repair that damage before installing your new windows and doors. Unforeseen conditions are immediately addressed and eliminated by a determined, enthusiastic approach that creates punctual, high quality results the first time.

The Window and Door Replacement Company’s commitment continues past the installation of your new impact windows and doors. Our adept Service specialists ensure that, no matter the request, every concern will be addressed throughout the lifetime of your impact windows and doors. We are a permanent resource of professionals protecting your family and property. Welcome home!