Remodeling Rebound 2015: An Innovative Plan for Exceptional Home Renovation

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies 2015 report, Emerging Trends in the Remodeling Market, indicates that the remodeling industry has almost fully rebounded from the 2007-2009 recession that was initiated by the collapse of the eight billion dollar housing bubble. In comparison with the general housing market, the hardier recovery of the home remodeling sector can be attributed to:

  • Homeowners with lower interest rates deciding to remodel rather than buy new homes
  • Stimulus programs giving tax breaks for homeowners using energy-efficient home products
  • Growing rental property demand compelling landlords to reinvest in leased property

Home remodeling projects equal 1.8% of economic activity in the US. Property owners living in metropolitan areas have contributed most to home remodeling spending since incomes and property values are traditionally higher in those areas. Though the percentage of homeowners who are remodeling is below the pre-recession average, continued increase in property owners’ equity and rental prices predict that, “investment in improvements to the nation’s housing stock is likely to strengthen,” the Joint Center for Housing Studies report notes.

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