Replacement Impact Windows and Doors: an Investment Not an Expense

For many people, home improvement projects will be a reality over the course of their homeownership. According to a 2014 Real Estate Rebound report compiled by Ebiquity for American Express, 35 percent of homeowners cite the desire to express individual style as the primary reason for making home improvements, while 30 percent state the increase of property value as the main motivation for remodeling. In that respect, home improvements run the gamut of small DIY efforts like repainting a room to larger jobs of replacing a roof, doors or windows. With almost 75 percent of homeowners investing an average of $4,000 in their home improvement projects, however, the common concern among all is value.

Value is instantly provided to homeowners who invest in impact glass doors and windows. Upon installation, impact glass not only protects against the elements and debris during hurricanes and thunderstorms but provides additional benefits during sunny weather. Smart weather stripping and low thermal emissivity (Low-E) materials of impact glass doors and windows create a powerful energy and money-saving combination. Despite the pain of hauling around a heavier wallet, the luxury of a home that is temperate in summer and cozy in winter without constant use of air conditioning (and electricity) is invaluable. Noise reduction of the air conditioning notwithstanding, also worth note is the elimination of noise originating from outside the home, making a quiet environment to enjoy inside. Safety from outside threat is also significantly increased by installing impact resistant doors and windows that burglars cannot break and enter through while still maintaining the appearance of a home free of metal security screening or bars. Insurers also look kindly on homes featuring impact glass doors and windows, granting lower rates because the property is protected at all times. Finally, numerous combinations of materials, designs and colors make impact doors and windows very effective at modifying a home’s appearance to suit every style.

As compiled in the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com), the cost of installing impact doors and windows yields an amazing return on investment. In the mid-sized project range that a large portion of homeowners find themselves, the entire job cost of installing a replacement steel or fiberglass door is $1,137 and $2,790, respectively, while the recovered investment from the benefits that both doors provide equals 153 percent and 115 percent. Similarly, installing 10, 3’x5’ double-hung windows with either vinyl or wood replacement impact windows costs $9,623 and 10,487, respectively, while the reacquired investment amounts equal 91 percent and 108 percent. Remarkably, in each instance, the replacement doors and windows cost a small amount in comparison with the savings they provide or save more money than they cost altogether; that’s value!

Value is peace of mind that an investment in a home improvement makes good financial sense over time; in short, that it is a sound decision based on quality. The Window and Door Replacement Company (WDRC) is dedicated to increasing value by providing individualized quality service throughout the lifetime of your impact doors and windows. In-house Project Managers, Design Consultants and a Service team available to manage performance and warranty challenges bring you quality of the first order because, as Gerry Penrose, Design Consultant at WDRC, sums up succinctly, “Homeowners are only concerned about cost one time but worry about quality over a lifetime.”

©2014 Hanley Wood LLC. Complete data from the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at www.costvsvalue.com.”