South Florida’s Unique Window Market

As a leader in the impact window industry in South Florida, it is vital for our team to be well versed in the area’s unique requirements. Florida juts into an area of the Atlantic Ocean that is accurately nicknamed Hurricane Alley. Unsurprisingly, this means Florida, and especially South Florida, are subject to frequent tropical activity. 

To help protect home and property, hurricane impact windows and doors is an increasingly popular choice. Florida Building Code requires evidence of some form of hurricane protection in newly built homes and when permitting for replacing existing windows and doors. This hurricane protection must include either impact resistant windows and doors, shutters with Florida Product or Miami-Dade approvals, or plywood of 7/16 thickness with permanently placed approved anchorage systems (although size and building height restrictions apply).

When discussing South Florida construction, there are 2 acronyms that are very important to consider; WBD and HVHZ. WBD stands for wind borne debris, indicating zones within the state that will need to withstand a minimum of 130 mph winds. HVHZ stands for High Velocity Hurricane Zone. This zone includes Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Coastal Palm Beach County. These areas require products to have higher design pressures than in other areas.

Another consideration in the State of Florida comes from our hundreds of miles of coastal land. It is the recommendation of Window & Door Design Center, and most window and door manufacturers, that within a certain distance of the ocean it is imperative to upgrade to a more weather-resistant finish on the exterior as well as stainless steel components. Salt corrosion can be damaging to certain types of finishes and improper maintenance can lead to the voiding of a finish warranty.

An important consideration when remodeling is the home’s overall design style. In South Florida, examples of almost every design style imaginable are on display. While some regions tend to stick to one motif, think of the Mid-Atlantic style, South Florida has Mediterranean, modern, gothic, bungalows, art deco or even pueblo style homes covering the landscape.

No matter the size, style or location of your residence in South Florida, Window & Door Design Center is well versed in the unique conditions of our market and will guide you to the perfect solution for your home.