Your Warranty: What You Ought to Know to Improve Your Advantage

A warranty adds to the value of any investment. While standardized to a certain degree, variations and conditions may exist, so it’s imperative to read your warranty. For example, many people are surprised to discover that they’ve unknowingly invalidated their warranty by not caring and maintaining their product in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. Regarding your window and door warranty, there are things to consider, research and be aware of. For reference, you’ll find warranties and care and maintenance expectations from major manufacturers ahead.


How long does the warranty last? Find out when the warranty begins and ends.

Are there any conditions that may void coverage? Improper product care, maintenance or after-market modification may invalidate a warranty.

Who do you contact to get warranty service? The retailer or the manufacturer may be responsible for providing product service.

What will the company do if the product fails? Discover whether the company will repair, replace or refund money for the product.

What parts and repairs are covered? Identify whether there are exclusions of any parts or repairs; some warranties include labor charges for repairs.

Are there any conditions or limitations on the warranty? Some warranties provide coverage only if the product is maintained and used as directed.


MATERIAL WARRANTY A warranty must be read closely to discern its exact coverage. How long are the windows warrantied? Many manufacturers’ frame warranties range from one year to a lifetime. Find out if there is a pro-rated schedule for replacement after a base year warranty and if the warranty includes service. Many warranties include free replacement but service; whatever the case may be, it should be clearly written in the warranty. Find out if the manufacturer includes language that can invalidate the warranty. Many manufacturers include verbiage in the warranty that voids it if windows are installed improperly or not in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation procedures.

TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY Is the window warranty transfer able to new owners upon the sale of your home? A transferable warranty adds value to your home at its point of sale. Some warranties include a one-time transfer clause from the original owner to the future buyer; if this benefit is included, it should be clearly written in the warranty.

GLASS GUARANTEE Most window warranties address the frame and glass separately. How long is the glass covered and what does the coverage include? Does the insulated impact glass warranty include seal failures? Is glass broken in an instance of a non-Act of God included? What is the cost to replace impact glass if it does break? Is only the material covered or is the cost of labor included? Do not rely on a spoken guarantee; it should be clearly written in the warranty.

SERVICE AND LABOR COSTS Does the seller provide free service on covered repairs? Companies often supplement manufacturers’ warranties with their own labor warranties for future service. Such warranties are only as good as the company offering them. Is anything excluded from this benefit? Details such as these should be clearly written in the retailer warranties.


Incorrect installation or application of product, use or maintenance

Normal weathering

Highly corrosive environments (defined as located within two miles of saltwater)

Defects or damages caused by accident, fire, flood, Acts of God, multiple hurricanes and/or water intrusion caused by wind-driven rain due to high-wind events

Vandalism, riot or civil disorder

Building settlement or structural failures of walls or foundations

Stresses resulting from localized heat causing excessive temperature differentials over glass surface edges

If harmful agents are used to clean the frame and/or sash

If the frame and/or sash are painted or coated in any way

If any after-market products are applied to the product such as window films

Caulking is used on some installations to seal the frames (or trim package) from water or air penetration. Caulking is considered a maintenance responsibility of the owner and not covered by most warranties.

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